"Our vision is to bring CCC to the next level, by consolidating and expanding the results CCC has produced so far. We coin this as CCC 2.0. While the approach will be new, the core commitment remains unchanged: we see CCC as a consortium of individual people and researchers, and we commit to the original vision of CCC of bringing people across disciplines together to collaborate and to create successful interdisciplinary projects and funding applications, says the new management team.

To strengthen CCC, they wish to position the centre at the university as research incubator – particularly for research in the nexus between computing and human communication and (more broadly speaking) in the nexus between technology, people, and society. To perform this transformation, they will reintroduce CCC to the researchers at the currently involved departments (DIKU, MCC, NorS, and INF), focusing on answering the following questions:

What does CCC provide and offer?
What do researchers involved in CCC expect from the centre?

This means that CCC board will engage in a dialogue with researchers in order to (re)-promote CCC and the opportunities our center provides. More concretely, we will introduce the new lab facilities at the South Campus, and present the first research initiative, Glocal Digital Infrastructures.

We seek to invite new interdisciplinary research initiatives, and discuss the possibilities offered by CCC in terms of support and incubation. Lastly, we seek to elicit what grand challenges researchers see in the field of computing and human communication:

What are the most central societal themes to explore?
How can CCC provide even better support for starting up new projects?