Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows users to create or interact with a simulated environment. While using the VR technologies the user in not anymore interacting with a traditional user interface but is part of the experience in the virtual world participating and interacting with the 3D World.

CCCLabs are now equipped with the latest Virtual and Mixed Reality devices. Here you will find a description, user guide for HTC Vive device and some helpful links. HTC Vive Virtual Reality device is one of the best product in the market of Virtual Reality.

The HTC Vive offers an amazing experience of virtual reality and provides users with many possibilities such as interaction and physically walk into the virtual environment using bespoke handheld controllers.

HTC Vive Guideline
Firstly, make sure that the computer is powered ON and that the HTC device is properly connected.

Fig. 1

Secondly, check that headset and the controller are visible to the base stations. The base station also have to be connected to power supply. It’s important since they are responsible for rendering the Virtual world.

Thirdly, open the Steam Software in order to connect with the Virtual Device. Connect to the device using the existing Steam account we recommend it. (If you have your own account you are welcome to use it, but you are responsible for anything you download. After finishing please make sure you log out from your account and log in again with the lab account, so other users may use the device.)

Fig. 2

Fourthly, the headset and the controllers should be paired with each other. The controllers should be also checked if are charged otherwise you may have to connect them with the USB connector to charge them. Right click on the the small HTC Vive control panel to activate or pair the controller as you see in the image below.

Fig. 3‌‌

Finally, once the device is ready you should see in the computer screen an image as below saying that the headset and the controller are ready and active. In case that the headset or the controllers are not active try to restart the headset by right clicking on the image and Reboot.


You are ready to go! Open the HTC Vive library in order to select the app you want to interact with. You can also download different applications from the online HTC VIVE library.