At CCC Labs our main goal is to provide researcher, students and staff with the latest technology tools and equipment that can help expand the research area and evolve the basis of knowlwdge production. Below are presented some of some tools and equipment of our lab facilities.

CCC Labs are now equpped with a humanoid robot, Pepper, which is here to make researchers and students more aware of humanoids. Pepper comes with Choregraphe platform that allows you to interact with him, but also with a SDK in Python. Visit the Move Lab and explore the full potentials of the humanoid robot, Pepper.

Morae Software, is a tool for real-time observation and usability studies. With Morae software you can easily set up, record and observe focus group, usability studies or product testing. With Morae Software you can follow remotely the focus group and share insights with others instantly and anywhere.

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and Tobii Pro Lab gives you the possibility to capture and analyse real-world data in natural environments. The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is an independent device that allows you maximum mobility during the session study thanks to the SD card in the recording unit. With Tobi Pro Lab you can create complex experiments analyse the data collected, you can also use the software for statistics and a variety of visualizations

In the Obsere Lab we have three Eye tracking stations that can be used for research and student project. Two Tobii studio eye tracking devices with the software for creating and analyzing different experiments. Moreover we have also a station where Tobii 4C is intalled together with an SDK license for Python that gives you possibility to create your own eye tracking applications or games.

Tableau is a powerful and intuitive tool for data visualizations and data analytics. With Tableau Prep you can pre-prepare, clean and create new dataset combining different data sources, and With Tableau Desktop you can create from simple to complex visualizations,but also interactive dashboards and get better insights from your data.

Craftbot 3D Printer, the Make Lab is now equipped with two (2) 3D printers of the latest technologies. Craftbot 3 is a two-headed 3D printer that allows you to print 2 objects simultaneously and still maintaining a high quality and performance. The software for slicing and preparing the 3D Models for printing is fast and easy-to-use.

In the Move Lab we have different VR devices. One Samsung HTC Vive, a Microsoft HoloLens, a Oculus Rift. Moreover, we have sets of Samsung VR Gear which includes a Samsung phone a 360 Camera and the VR Glasses, for creating 360 movie experinece. Also we have a section with a play station 4S with the VR headset.

OptiTrack Motion Detector system can be used for a variety of application such as robotics, animation, virtual reality and movement. Coming soon...