The main purpose of Observe Lab is to set up, record, observe and analyse usability studies, focus group and product testing.

The lab offers the possibility to analyse user interactions with different products as well as real-time observations on focus group studies. Based on state-of-the-art digital audio/video recording equipment, research tools and software, at Observe lab researchers and students can follow remotely and in real time user interactions or focus groups.

Knowing how important is to researchers and students to conduct, capture and analyse valid data from focus groups, or user interactions, we use Morea Software - the latest usability tool and software in the market.

The room has three desks fully equipped with desktop computer running under Windows 10, 3 eye tracking devices, two Tobii Studio and one Tobii 4C with python SDK. Furthermore, a laptop for usability studies, a digital microphone and two cameras for the recording procedure. On the wall is installed a big screen with HDMI cable in order to provide a better visualization during data analysis.

Furthermore, the room has a comfortable sitting space for project work or focus groups.

Designing an Eye Tracking experiment using Tobii Studio