Virtual reality technologies have nowadays become an essential tool in research and education for teaching or training purposes. Following this technology trend, the Move lab provides researchers and students with the possibility to explore different types of virtual reality tools such as HTC Vive for VR (Virtual Reality) and Microsoft HoloLens for MR (Mixed Reality).

The use of VR and MR tools has set in motion a totally new experience in human computer interaction and allows you to gain advance knowledge and experience with VR and MR as a learning and training tool. Recent research has shown that VR and MR can be used in order to develop and improve the everyday communication between humans and systems. There are so many examples in real life where VR and MR are very successful, like museums, marketing, education etc.

At Move Lab we have already installed two fully functional VR devices. One HTC Vive virtual reality device, and a Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Device. At the moment, we provide a sitting up environment for VR but we are in the process of finding a solution where you can move around and get the full experience of the virtual reality world.

Furthermore, the Move Lab is about to be equipped with an advance motion detection system, called OptiTrack.

Creating your own virtual environment using unity and HTC Vive