Microsoft HoloLens device of Mixed Reality is a standalone headset (computer) that can project images and holograms that appear to be in the real world. Using different sensors and cameras, the HoloLens is continuously scanning the space around the user and creating a 3D mesh of that area as a spatial map. Microsoft HoloLens makes possible for the user to interact with these holograms using voice control or hand gestures.

Below is presented a guide on how to use the Microsoft HoloLens device.

In order to work with the Microsoft HoloLens, make sure that the device is charged and adjust it so it fits nicely.

Secondly, you will be guided to a calibration process and examples on how to perform gestures to control and interact with the device.

Thirdly, you will be asked to log into the WI-FI network, next you will need a Microsoft account while selecting the "I own it" option. After finishing the two-step verification process follow the instruction to enrol the HoloLens in the device management.

Finally, the next steps are instructions on how to perform bloom gestures, so you can select start screen and start interacting with the device.

Microsoft HoloLens