Plese find below the steps you should follow in order to book the CCC Labs.

You should log in into your KU Webmail mail, using your KU username and password.

  • Once you have logged in, select the Calendar of you mail account, down left of your screen.
  • Select the small arrow button next to New from the menu and click on Meeting Request
  • Press the button To and type the name of the Lab you want to book in this example HUM-KOMM-iMake-14-0-50 (Move Lab), click the search icon in order to find it, and then click OK. (if you want to add friend into this booking request, you have to click again To and search for their mail address as you did for the room name.)
  • Choose the day and the time you want to book, and finally press the button Send soon you will receive a notification regarding your booking.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you had any issues about the booking procedure, find the contact mail address in the footer section of this webpage.