INF Makerspace week

The first 2 weeks of November the 1rst year bachelor student at the Department of Information Studies (INF), divided in two groups were introduce to the Makerspace facilities. They all had a high level of enthusiasm trying out the materials and the equipment provided.

The first day they were introduced into 4 different workshops such as, MicroBit Electronics, Bare Conductive Touch Boards & LilyPads, Stopmotion Movies, and 3D Printing. After following the introductory workshops on how to use different tools and equipment the follwing days, they started working on their project ideas regarding spaces in Libraries and Enigma Machine. Soon we will post some of their project prototypes and ideas.

Lorna, introducing the students to Bare Conductive Touch Boards... Photo by @Jakob Dall
Creating their own animation movie with Stopmotion... Photo by @Jakob Dall
Using Craftware and 3D Printers to create prototypes... Photo by @Jakob Dall
3D Printing in process, exited to see the created object printed... Photo by @Jakob Dall