DigiLabs facilities are located within the Institute of Communication in the South Campus of Copenhagen University. We are located at KUA2 building on the ground floor, behind the information desk. See the following map.

You can book the DigiLabs facilities through your KU mail calendar following this procedure. Select create a New Meeting, locate one of the following rooms you want to reserve:

  • HUM-KOMM1-Observe-14-0-42, Observe Lab (Eyetracking Devices)
  • HUM-KOMM1-Move-14-0-46, Move Lab (Virtual Reality technologies)
  • HUM-KOMM1-MakeI-14-0-50, Makerspace, 3D Printers
  • HUM-KOMM1-MakeII-14-0-54, Makerspace Prototyping

Once you have selected the room, date and time from your outlook calendar, press the Send button. You will receive a confirmation mail regarding your booking. Remember the maximum booking period is two (2) hours. Here you can find a more detailed information regarding the booking procedure

The Makerspace rooms can be booked only for classes or for organizing workshop, you are welcome to be in the space and work but you must be aware that you have to share the room with others as well. The main idea behind the Make Lab is to bring people together in a creative space, where they can share knowledge and skills.

To access the lab facilities you should have with you, your KU access card and remember your pin. If is the first time that you are booking the Lab facilities, you should contact the Lab staff in order to get your KU card activated.

Please read the attached document to align with the DigiLabs Policies & Rules.

If you have any question or comments you are welcome to contact us at the below e-mail : ccclabs@hum.ku.dk

CCC Labs, University of Copenhagen,
Deparment of Communication,
South Campus, building 14,
room 14-0-42, room 14-0-46, room 14-0-50
8 Karen Blixens Vej 2300, Copenhagen S