Head of CCC
Laura Skouvig is Associate Professor in Information Studies at Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen. She has a master in History and German from University of Aarhus and wrote her PhD-thesis on the history of public libraries in Denmark. Her primary scientific interest is the field of information history as a sub-field of history.

From this perspective, she investigates information historically focusing on themes as the information age and information society, information networks, surveillance and communication of information. In general, her research deals with the interaction between people, technology and society.

Lab Responsible
Stavris Solo is an IT Consultant at the Department of Information Studies and responsible for the CCC Labs.
Stavris has a master in Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship, from Aalborg University of Copenhagen. He likes to investigate the development of new IT technologies, particularly in the cross section between IT and digital information areas. He has a wide range of knowledge about technology, like Eyetracking, Virtual Reality, Data Visualizations, Data Analytics etc...

At CCC Labs his primary goal is to make the lab function as "playground" where students, researchers and staff can interact, explore can gain access to specialized IT equipment.